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Periodical cleaning of premises Periodical cleaning is done by qualified personnel, which always tries to get best results by using their knowledge and special measures
Cleaning of windows and glass partitions Cleaning of windows of flats, private houses, organisations. Special measures in hard access areas are used
Cleaning of soft furniture, chairs and carpets We clean soft furnitures, remove dirt and smell from carpets. Chair coating renewal, mattress cleaning, with use of deep cleaning water pump and special chemicals.
“Pamario švara” was established in 2008 and offers all cleaning services in Klaipėda region. The company’s goal is orientated to the client’s desire and fast, good quality service delivered in client’s convenient time.
“Pamario švara” carefully choses it’s employees, so here works only accurate, responsible people, which enjoys doing their job.
Post building cleaning service We deliver simple and post building cleaning services using special chemical measures.
Washing using high pressure water pump Facades, roofs, swimming pools, walls, tiles, advertising, and so on. Using high pressure pumps.
Cleaning of vertical type blinds We clean blinds of various types and sizes by using special chemicals. For deciding the possibility of cleaning effectiveness, prior examination is needed
Address: Taikos pr.58,91200, Klaipėda
tel: +370 670 44 810
email: info@pamariosvara.lt
Company code: 302484040
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